Serious and less side effects

This drug (Diflucan) may have serious side efects, such as : • upper stomach pain,nausea,   loss of appetite,itching, dark urine,  jaundice, clay-colored stools; • chills,fever,  flu symptoms, body aches ; • peeling, severe blistering and red skin rash; • seizure (convulsions). • easy bleeding or bruising , unusual weakness.   And also the side effects of Diflucan may be the less serious: • headache; • diarrhea, mild stomach pain, upset stomach;   • unpleasant or unusual or  taste in your mouth after you take Diflucan   • dizziness.
Serious and less side effects

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Before taking

You shouldnt take Diflucan more than 1 dose ,if you are pregnant or are breast-feeding a baby,also if you have or had allergic to fluconazole, or econazole (Spectazole),clotrimazole (Lotrimin),